Welcome to Lent

Lent is a special season of preparation in the life of the Church. We are each invited to go deeper in our relationship with God. Many of us enter Lent by taking on a spiritual discipline often a discipline of self-denial. With all that we have gone through this past year, a discipline lasting forty days may seem a bit daunting. Therefore I invite our parish to take a different approach to Lent this year: “Micropractices.” Each day of lent has one spiritual practice assigned to it. Each practice is simple and easy to try in a single day; they are organized around prayer, fasting and almsgiving (traditional spiritual disciplines of Lent).

The hope is that you will find at least one new spiritual practice that truly resonates with you. Feel free to use the same practice for more than one day if it is truly fulfilling; but as best as you are able try as many of these micropractices as you can. The most important thing is to commit to spending time each day of Lent in with God. Let yourself deepen your relationship with our Loving Creator.

Use this calendar here as a guide. If you need a booklet, please email the church office or Rev. Aileen for a copy.