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Water for Behwalay Clinic

behawalay-unclean drinking water source
Original unclean drinking water source

Help Us Bring Clean Water to Behwalay

Behwalay is a village in Eastern Liberia on the border with Côte d'Ivoire. Over the years it has suffered the effects of civil war and crushing poverty. Its 550 residents are struggling to overcome this history and are working to rebuild their community. They have built a clinic and are now hoping to build a well that will serve the clinic and a nearby school.

Like many villages in Africa, Behwalay suffers from lack of local, clean fresh water. There is a river nearby but residents must daily walk to the river and carry back the water they need for their daily lives. This “walk for water” can often take up to three or four hours per day and must be done each day .

Throughout the world, lack of clean water takes a terrible toll on the poor. Each year, over 1.5 million children die to causes related to lack of clean water. That is about 4,000 children per day! Clean water at this clinic will be a valuable asset to this village. A safe clean water supply can be the foundation for the economic growth of a community.

In 2009 a refugee from Behwalay came to Christ church and asked our help in raising the funds for this well. We felt it was necessary to have a local organization that could oversee the project and ensure a successful, sustainable result. We contacted Africare in Liberia and their representative commissioned a study to understand the technical and economic requirements of the project. The Africare representative came back to us with a budget and a plan and so Christ Church offered to become the fiscal sponsor for the project here in the US.

Behwalay-new drinking water well
New completed well which provides clean drinking water

Behwalay Well Project

Committee voted at its May 30 meeting to authorize commencement of the well-building process during June, in order to take advantage of the dry season necessary for transport of materials to Behwalay village, despite the fact that we were still $1,000 short in our fundraising. We have received word from the Project Manager that the work has begun and is proceeding well: Greetings and I hope all is well and fine. Thanks for calling in and checking. I can say with all conviction that the work is moving on rather faster than expected. The team on the ground is doing a great job. I should be sending you pictures from the job site as soon as I am able. Again, I just want to say thanks and May God Almighty Bless you. Lawrence Morris Station Administrator International Institute for Tropical Agriculture Monrovia, Liberia Thanks to those who again have stepped forward to support this mission (including the Dowdle family who held yet another family tag sale); we are $600 toward our final fundraising goals, with only $400 yet to go