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Ongoing Ministries


The Episcopal Church

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The Episcopal Diocese of Western Massachusetts

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Hezekiah Stone's Coffeehouse
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Believe Out Loud Congregation

Haiti Mission
Last weekend, we had a guest preacher who spoke of Haiti in light of the Gospel. For those who would like to know more about Pwoje Espwa, the orphanage of which she spoke, Rev Pam has prepared this video.   First and foremost, Rev. Pam asked us to pray for Haiti. If you are interested and able to donate to recovery efforts following Hurricane Matthew you may do so through Free The Kids  or Episcopal Relief and Development .

Rev. Pam and Rev. Aileen
Rev. Pam and Rev. Aileen.JPG
Rev. Pam is associated with Pwoje Espwe

Church School
Our church school meets during the first part of the 9 AM worship service, and students join the adult congregation during the Peace.  Our children currently gather in one class of students from age 4 through 12:  the class is taught by a team of parent/teachers, all of whom also happen to be certified public school teachers, assisted by two of our teens.  The curriculum follows a program developed by the Episcopal Church, frequently corresponding to the lessons designated for the week’s worship, and usually includes storytelling, discussion, and a hands-on activity.

Once a month, during the same time frame, our teens gather for reflective discussion and writing based on the designated scripture lessons. 

Youth group photo
Youth Group trip to NYC

Youth Group
Our teens meet monthly for fellowship and activity, frequently on Sunday afternoons after the service.  Over the course of the school year, activities  include recreation (kayaking, rock climbing, board games, and pumpkin carving, to name some we have enjoyed,) service (including yard cleanup for seniors, and this year we hope to participate in a 30 hour famine to raise funds for world hunger,) and faith formation (including discussions and films.)  The group aims to take an overnight trip together each year:  in 2012 we attended “Nightwatch” at the cathedral in New York City, and we are hoping to pull off a weekend at a nearby outdoor conference center in 2013.

Blessed are The Piecemakers
The quilts-for-homeless-kids-outreach-project has finally been named. With a number of great suggestions to choose from, the title “Piecemakers” has been selected as most fitting. This project is evolving very much like the tale “Stone Soup” in which villagers donate a carrot here, a potato there, until through a variety of contributions they realize a wonderful outcome. Approximately 20 people have added their individual talents to this project. Some have donated material and batting, some have marked fabric, while still others cut or sewed or ironed, working alone or as a group. To date, 25 quilt tops, ranging from crib to twin bed size, have been completed and delivered to Shepherd's Place and Youville House in Worcester.

To join the piecemaking, please contact the church office.      

Homeless Prevention Cards - A K A Gift Cards
Before you go grocery shopping each week, purchase your grocery card here after services. Cards are for Shaw's/Stop N Shop/Big Y/and Hannaford. You get groceries with the card and the super-market donates 5% of what you spend to prevent homelessness for the Central Mass Housing Alliance. Think about purchasing a grocery card as a gift or a donation to someone in need. Please see Doris Cherry and/or Evelyn LeBeau to purchase grocery cards.

Hezekiah Stone's Coffeehouse

     Named for the tavern keeper who donated the land on which Christ Church is built, Hezekiah Stone’s Coffeehouse provides folk music in a warm and enjoyable setting on (usually) the first Thursday of every month.  We have hosted performers from all over the northeast, including both such well-known artists as Bill Staines and Ellis Paul and local favorites.  The doors open at 7 PM and the show begins at 7:30; the performance is followed by refreshments and the opportunity to meet the evening’s performer.  Tickets are $15. 

   Performances at the coffeehouse will resume in September. 

Altar Guild
The Altar Guild supports our worship through the preparation and cleanup for Sunday Eucharist and the ongoing care of our linens, hangings, silver, and the like.  This is a quiet and contemplative service that is much loved by those who take part.

Martha's Ministries
The Prayer Shawl Group has been named “Martha's Ministries”, for Martha of Bethany.  Martha and her sister, Mary, were close friends and supporters of Jesus, and in the story found in Luke 10, it is Martha who busies herself with the household caretaking chores.  This title for the group represents and honors the work that persons of faith do to support and care for others.  While our original goal was the creation of prayer shawls and lap robes, we hope that those who prefer to make mittens/gloves/scarves/hats etc for Christ Church Outreach Programs will join us for the fellowship of Martha’s Ministries.  We meet on the 2nd and 4th Thurs of each month from 1-3pm.

Do hope you will join us for this ministry of love and compassion.

The Women of Christ Church gather monthly from September through June for fellowship and service.  In the course of each year we raise funds to support special projects benefitting the parish that are not covered by the budget, provide hospitality for special occasions, bring out our dustcloths for occasional deep cleaning get-togethers, and sponsor specific outreach projects such as providing care packages to our armed services.  We also enjoy shopping and dinner-out expeditions together in December and June. 

Hope in Hands Community Garden
In 2009 a member of Christ Church had the idea of creating a nondenominational project that would inspire Leicester residents in working together as a community.

Recognizing that community gardening improves people's quality of life by providing a catalyst for neighborhood and community development, stimulating social interaction, encouraging self-reliance, producing nutritious food, reducing family food budgets, conserving resources, and bringing farming skills (agriculture) back into the classroom, the Hope in Hands Community Garden came into being in the summer of 2010, under the auspices of Christ Church.

The Leicester Water District allowed us to use its land; a local farmer plowed our field; another local dairy farmer provided manure; the Leicester Fire Dept. provides our water supply; the Leicester Dept. of Public works provides all the mulch that is needed; rototilling is provided by Carl Wicklund; and the gardening/harvesting labor is provided by volunteers.

The garden consists of 10, 10 x 14 ft. plots within a fence, and one 10 x 40 ft plot outside the fence for the Primary School children to learn the basic of skills in farming. All 12 plots are reserved for 2012. Non profits grow their own produce and volunteers are asked to donate 20% of their harvest to the Local Food Pantry; produce is also delivered to the Senior Center for seniors and shut-ins.

We are now it our third successful year: be sure to stop by and see this wonderful ministry.

United Thank Offering
The United Thank Offering was established by the Woman’s Auxiliary of the Episcopal Church in 1889, and monies raised sent a woman missionary to Japan.  Since that time, UTO has evolved and changed, but it has been based on the premise that it is good to give thanks to God for our blessings.  Members of Christ Church (as well as in parishes throughout the country) give thanks through small, daily offerings, often collected in a “blue box” thon the kitchen counter or some other central location. Twice a year we gather our UTO contributions to be provided to the Diocese, and then on to the National UTO.  As did the first UTO, funds raised in thanksgiving go to provide outreach and support projects in dioceses throughout the Episcopal Church and overseas.

Prayer Chain
A group a Christ Church members are called to the ministry of prayer, and offer individual prayers, on a daily basis, for those who are ill, who are suffering, or for whom prayers have been requested.  If you would like to request prayer, or if you would like to join in praying for others, please be in contact the church office.

Healing Ministry
On the first Sunday of each month (except when a feast day that take precedence falls on the first Sunday,) we offer our intercessory prayer for those who are ill in body or spirit, and for their caregivers.  During that service we offer anointing, prayer, and the laying on of hands for those in need of healing for themselves or for another.