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News and Upcoming Events



Senior Activity News
The following dates have been scheduled for Christ Church Senior Gatherings for 2017: EVENTS and DATES
Thursday, June 8 - Lunch at 308 Lakeside, East Brookfield
Thursday, August 10 - Lunch at 308 Lakeside, East Brookfield
Thursday, October 12 - Annual Tea, Christ Church Parish Hall

As the dates get closer, more information will be forthcoming regarding times and transportation

Christ Church at the Overlook
All parishioners are welcome to join us when we have a weekday Eucharist at The Overlook. We will gather in the chapel for Eucharist at 10:30 on the second Tuesday of the month. Please note that we only meet once a month during the warmer months. This ministry will continue through Aileen’s maternity leave thanks to the dedication of Sandy Dickinson and Chip Leis. They will lead Morning Prayer.
   Our readings and devotions will follow A Great Cloud of Witnesses, the Episcopal Churches newest listing of saint remembrances. When we remember "saints" we find ourselves connected to all the Christians who have gone before us, and see explore the variety of ways to live out Christian ministry. This ministry will continue through Aileen’s maternity leave thanks to the dedication of Sandy Dickinson and Chip Leis. They will lead Morning Prayer.
   For this to be a successful ministry, you are needed. All parishioners who are available weekdays are welcome to join. Please be in touch if you need a ride.


 Rev. Aileen's Office Hours
Tuesday-Thursday 9am-4pm

Tuesday 6-8pm

Always available for pastoral emergencies. Please call.


Chip's Chatter
May 19th is the feast of St. Dunstan. An old friend Brother Dunstan of the Society of St. Francis died last June so I thought to tell you about his name sake.
   Dunstan, Abbot of Glastonbury Abbey, Bishop of Worcester, Bishop of London, Archbishop of Canterbury, his work restored monastic life to England and reformed the English Church. He was a popular saint in England until Thomas Becket in 1170 killed him in his cathedral. He was schooled at Glastonbury Abbey and as an adult was skilled in illuminating manuscripts, While abbot, he established a Benedictine monasticism at Glastonbury. As Archbishop of Canterbury, he established reforms to the church and clergy whenever possible.
  Dunstan is also patron of Blacksmiths, as he was a worker of metal at Glastonbury. There is a legend that the devil appeared to Dunstan while working at his forge wearing clothes of the time. Dunstan recognized the Devil by his cloven hooves and put a poker in the fire. He was talking with the Devil and with the HOT poker grabbed the Devil's nose and the Devil disappeared.
   There is a folk rhyme:
St Dunstan, as the story goes,
Once pull'd the devil by the nose
With red-hot tongs which make him roar,
that he was heard three mile or more.

    Another story is that Dunstan nailed a horseshoe to the Devil's hoof while asked to shoe his horse. This caused the Devil great pain and Dunstan promised to remove the horseshoe only If the Devil promised never to enter a place where a horseshoe was placed over a door. This is the claim of the lucky horseshoe.

Love, Joy, Peace,

 Would you be a Greeter?
  Greeters at Sunday worship are part of the ministry of hospitality – making sure that everyone is greeted with a friendly smile and given a bulletin, and providing a welcome and assistance to visitors. This is easy and gratifying work. As we get ready to set up the schedule for the early months of 2016 we would love to add a few more names to the rotation. If you would like to join us as a Greeter, contact the church office.

           Sandwich Packaging for
          Worcester Fellowship

Sandwich packaging for Worcester Fellowship

Sandwich packaging for Worcester Fellowship


Leicester Food Pantry
  Each year, the Leicester Food Pantry hosts a special ingathering for Thanksgiving. The food pantry hopes to prepare 150 baskets this year. In order to do this, each organization is asked to provide specific items. Christ Church will be collecting canned ham, mayonnaise, canned pasta, salad dressing, and jams/jellies. If you have not brought your donation to church on Sunday, October 30 please bring it while the church office is open during the week or at 8:45 Saturday morning.

Barbara C. Harris Camp
   Those who grew up within the Diocese of Western Massachusetts may be familiar with Camp Bement. In fact, our own Chip Leis served as cook there. It closed in 2009, but the Episcopal Camp experience is still available. Our diocese now encourages students in grades 4 and up to join the programs at BCH, the camp of the Diocese in the eastern half of the state. Having spent a significant amount of time at BCH, I can assure you it is a safe, fun, and positive experience. There is still room at Winter Camp, during February vacation. The summer programs run from June 25-July 28. Scholarships are available.

Church School
Church School continues classes on Sunday mornings. Students will be working on projects to share with the congregation.

Hope for Housing Grocery Cards
    Gift cards in various amounts for Panera, CVS, Shaws, Hannaford, Stop & Shop, Big Y, and now Dunkin' Donuts are available for purchase during coffee hour on Sunday. On average, 5% of the face value of the cards you purchase goes to Hope for Housing, a program of the Central Mass. Housing Alliance that provides various kinds of assistance to families who are at immediate risk of becoming homeless in order to help them remain in their housing.
    5% sounds like very little, but over time it adds up to a tidy sum; since the beginning of the summer, and in partnership with Leicester Unitarian Church and First Congregational Church, we have purchased close to $7000 worth of cards and contributed around $350 to Hope for Housing....and it is close to "painless", since for most of us, that cards we buy represent cash that we would be spending anyway on our groceries and over-the-counter medicines or sundries.

During Lent, and starting on Monday, March 6, the Seekers Bible study group will meet in the Parish Hall from 6:00 (ish) until 8:00 (ish) to discuss the lectionaries readings for the following Sunday. We extend a warm welcome to all! Speak to Chip or Karis if you have any questions!

                             Sunday Coffee Hour
    Join us for coffee each Sunday following 9 am service and visit with parish family over that 'cup of Joe'.
   There is always an available slot on the sign-up sheet for those interested in becoming a coffee host.
   We are grateful to Sandy Burnham for her dedication in leading Coffee Hour. As she is stepping down from her Coffee Hour duties, we are looking for a new person to serve as chief host. This person checks to ensure that the pantry is stocked for weekly gatherings, and keeps an eye on the kitchen. Please be in touch with Rev. Aileen if you are interested in this ministry.

Join our Prayer Chain Ministry
For many years a small group of individuals from the parish have offered personal prayers for individuals in need of God’s grace, as requested by members of the congregation. Names and needs are shared within the group, and members of the chain lift up those concerns in daily prayer. This is a powerful way to serve, and is especially well-suited for those who, because of time or mobility, are not in a position to take part in more active ministries. All it takes is the willingness to give time to prayer and to receiving and (responsibly) sharing the requests that come to us. Please call the church office if you would like to serve.

                         The Meadows
Volunteers are needed at The Meadows Nursing/Rehab Center. If this is your calling, please call Nancy Duhamel, Activities Director, at 508-892-4858.

Martha's Ministries donates shawl/laprobes/blankets for loving warmth to Meadow's residents.